Legal advice

Do you have properties or reside in Spain or Sweden? Do you or your company need information about the Spanish or Swedish legal system? Linguaiuris wants to make life easier for all of those who experience that differences in languages, cultures and legal systems often constitute a limit to enjoy full freedom of circulation within the EU.

Charlotte Andersson, the owner of Linguaiuris, holds a degree in law (jur. kand.) from the University of Lund - Lunds Universitet and also a degree in Spanish law (Licenciada en Derecho) from the Universidad de Sevilla, specializing in civil law (specifically in contract law, property/real estate law and family law). With a solid legal education, work experience and very good language skills, she will respond your enquiries about Spanish and Swedish law as well as giving you legal advice.

Charlotte Andersson is a member of the Spanish Bar Association in Seville (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Sevilla) since 2008.